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11w3d - January 2008 Babies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
January 2008 Babies

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11w3d [Jun. 20th, 2007|12:17 pm]
January 2008 Babies


Had a midwife appt this morning. It was only a 20 minute appt, and I had lots of questions, so it ended up running overtime and we didn't do any physical exams. No big deal though.
We did get to hear the heartbeat. Once he heard it, my husband's face lit up in a huge grin. It was so great to see that. The mw said it was in the 150 range and it was the easiest one she's had to find at this point in the pregnancy. She said usually she searches for about 5 minutes before finding anything, but it took about 30 seconds with me. YEA!!! She said we have a very cooperative baby.
We decided to go ahead with the genetic testing. We're such a low risk for anything that I'm feeling a bit strange about it... I'm just hoping we don't regret this decision in the future. My appt is scheduled for 10:30 Monday morning. I'll have the blood draw and the ultrasound.
Good news in the weight department. I'm right back where I started. Between appt. #1 and #2, I lost 2 lbs., and I gained 2 lbs. from #2 to #3. My last appt was a month ago, so not too bad!!! I'm very proud of myself b/c I was feeling like a cow when I went in. I'm feeling pretty darn good now!